Pensacola Redfish / Red Drum Fishing in Florida

Take a fishing trip this fall! We will be fishing for huge Redfish, Flounder, Sheepshead, and more!

Red Drum are commonly known as “Redfish” and “Reds”. No matter what size tackle, they put up quite a fight. Redfish are saltwater giants ranging from 2 to 50+ pounds, and they taste great on the dinner plate!

Spawning season for Red Drum begins in late summer or early fall and continues into early winter. Redfish are found in grass flats, bays and in the Gulf. In the fall, these amazing fish aggregate in large schools and swim through Pensacola Pass. Redfish are not picky eaters. Common forage for a Red Drum are baitfish and crabs such as Ale Wives (Ly’s), Bull Minnows, Blue Crab, Ghost Crabs, Herring, Menhaden, Pinfish, and more! Spawning season burns a lot of energy and Red Drum have a hefty appetite. This time of year they will feed on just about any kind of live or cut/chunk bait.

pensacola redfish

Emerald Coast Inshore Charters provides just about everything you need to have a great day out on the water. However here is a list things you should bring in addition:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sun Glasses
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Camera
  • Head Protection
  • (not work boots please)

The state wide rules for Red Drum harvest:

As of September 2014, the bag/catch limit is 2 fish per person, per day, & maximum of 8 fish per vessel, per day. Size limits for Redfish are not less than 18 inches and not greater than 27 inches (overall length). Fish in this “slot limit” range from 3 to 20+ pounds. Redfish fillets are quite large, thick, and have a very mild flavor!